About Walk Mill

Walk Mill is a green and rural place with river washed meadows playing home to a myriad of damp loving herbs which include Water Cress, Brook Lime and Ragged Robin.

walk-mill-poolThe history of Walk Mill is defined by clean running water. The River Sow powers the upstream working flour mill at Bishop's Offley, then runs into Walk Mill whose hammers used to beat the cloth to dress local parish folk. The unusually violent storms of 1976 destroyed the old building leaving a weather exposed shell overlooking the Mill pond.

From Spring through to Summer the gardens and fields of Walk Mill buzz and hum with a diversity of the insect nation including Dragonfly, Damsel Fly, and many species of butterfly.

Walk Mill is a 'twitcher's' paradise being home to a truly Avian throng. In our garden at Offley Hay House we get a range of finches including Goldfinch, house sparrows nest in the ivy, blue tits in an old water pump and blackbirds in the hedges. Occasionally we get goldcrest on the bird table, tree creepers, sparrow hawks and the odd wandering kite flying overhead.

vicki3Offley Hay House is an 18th Century cottage sitting behind a picket fence. The now converted cow shed and pig stys give us more space which now house the "soapery" where all the soaps are made. In the garden we grow and harvest lots of the ingredients for making truly natural soap , comfrey, lemon balm, rosemary, lavender and many more – this makes Walk Mill Botanics products so refreshingly different and truly authentic.



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