Confusion to clarity in 3 steps

02 December 2016
Written by Vicki Evans

I've asked Sally-Anne Airey to share her Pause Tool on the run up to Christmas. At this time of year our list of commitments and jobs tend to grow so we can all benefit by using her quick technique. Do take a moment to read more about Sally-Anne's retreat programmes in the Alps here holiday stress

Mindfulness for the masses

28 October 2016
Written by Vicki Evans

My work pattern has changed. Instead of working from home I share an office one day a week. Going from working on my own to being surrounded by people on the phone or in discussion is very distracting. So I decided that headphones were the way forward, I could play my mindfulness app, reduce the distractions and become more productive.


How to keep a tired and overwhelmed new mum happy

21 July 2016
Written by Vicki Evans

Our recent Green Parent's Natural Beauty Awards win got me thinking about how 'advice comments' made me feel as a new mum. When I say 'advice comments', I mean those little quips that people (especially parents and in-laws) say that any new mum could do without!

So I thought it would be fun (and helpful) to share with you what I think you should avoid saying and what to actual say when faced with an overwhelmed and tired new mum!baby

Microbeads to be “scrubbed” from ingredient lists

11 September 2016
Written by Vicki Evans

The UK government has recently announced a ban on the sale of products containing microbeads by 2017, so too has the US. So what are microbeads? ... tiny plastic beads added to face and body scrubs as an exfoliant. If your ingredient list includes polyethylene or polypropylene then chances are these little plastic balls are cleaning up your skin.

seahorse 1

3 ways to enjoy National Kissing Day

19 June 2016
Written by Vicki Evans

Feeling Hot Hot Hot! Avoid Dry Lips This Summer With These Top Tips

Did you know that the skin on our lips is much thinner than other parts of our body and that lips have no natural moisturisation?
Our lips can be sensitive to the effects of sun, wind and salty breezes, so be sure to protect them from the elements with these handy tips and our recipe for a home-made strawberry lip balm!

balm tinted lnd thumb



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