Do your son's and partners use your beauty products?

16 March 2016 Written by Vicki Evans

A new term has been coined by Mark Simpson for a new generation of men "spornosexual". These guys replace their fore-runners the "metrosexual". This new generation male borrows from both the worlds of sport and porn.beards

spornosexualThese "sporno's" are typically in their early to mid-20's and extremely body conscious – take a look at Christian Renaldo for the "sporno look" replacing the likes of Beckham sporting merely the metrosexual look.

The gym is the cool place to hang out rather than the pub and they're no longer embarrassed to admit they use male grooming products including the likes of fake tanning and body shaving; which is apparently popular because it helps define the male form. When I come to think about it I don't think Michelangelo's David sported body hair, although a difficult look to get in Italian marble.

Phillips did a survey in 2014 and found that 44% of males shave their chest and 21% shave their feet and toes!! (Bilbo Baggins would not have approved I'm sure) However whilst lack of body hair might be de rigueur sporting a beard and facial hair is now hip and trendy, the survey found that facial hair for men is now much more acceptable outside of the likes of New York and London and in a variety of occupations too including IT consultants and accountants. Whatever next.


Smaller body care companies have been quick to react by developing oils and balms and washes for beards and moustaches. For example: Portland England; Red Anchor; The bearded man co. ; Captain Fawcett; Percy Nobleman & Scaramouch & Fandango.
Anti-ageing will be the next big thing in the male personal grooming market. Women have typically been using anti-aging products since their 20's so men want to catch up; so what they are looking for are products that work and are backed up with scientific claims and evidence. Language like anti-fatigue or energising seem to be the preferred lingo for the male market.

There is a rise too in unisex products; Men no longer need to be secretive about "nicking" their partners beauty products. I guess I am part of this movement already, I use a perfume by the Laboratory Company called Amber which smells gorgeous and always gets comments from men when I wear it. But because my partner loves it too I have asked him to buy the next bottle so we can share it. Canny eh!!

As Generation Z, the guys who are between 15 – 19 now, are just starting to earn their own money no doubt they will want to spend their hard earned cash on these products too, just as I did when I was a teenager. So I guess the market for male grooming products is set to grow.

I couldn't help thinking as I left the talk what men in the audience were thinking as the majority of the female audience looked on at the "spornosexual" models on the PowerPoint presentation, looking like fine-tuned high performance engines who are now the face of these new products. Did they feel uncomfortable as I would have if we were looking at similar images of scantily clad female models? After all we have seen a backlash by the likes of Dove and Loreal by using "real" women and no airbrushing in their advertising. These male models are real, they work out hard at the gym to get the look; I wonder if there was talk of male exploitation or objectification of men in advertising in the after conference drinks bar, or maybe they were all just drinking cocktails and hailing the liberation of the male – how things change.


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