Let our packaging surprise and delight you

17 April 2016 Written by Vicki Evans

I love beautiful packaging, I'm drawn to it like a magpie to shiny objects; but I get a twinge of guilt when I come to throw it away. So when it came to choosing what to put our products in I looked for something that had another use so it wouldn't be assigned to the recycling bin.

relax gift box

How can I re-use you? Let me count the ways

Soap & gift boxes
Plant the paper and flowers grow. Yes it is embedded with flower seeds;

"In the earth nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed"

                                                                      Antoine Lavoisier (1743-1794)

The paper is made from recycled cotton clothes and then embedded with flower seeds. When you have finished with these products, you can plant the packaging in your garden, plant pot or window box, and watch the flowers grow and bloom!


Practice the relaxation exercises on the labels to "bring a moment of calm into busy your day". Our collection of reflective exercises help you to discover and nourish your sense of well-being through inspiring exercises and techniques which encourage both reflection and relaxation.soap labels

Bath salts

Packaged in kilner jars. I re-use the jars to store cotton wool and cotton buds in the bathroom. You can try filling them with dried flowers, adding a few drops of essential oil & leave lid slightly ajar. Your pot pourri jar will make your bathroom smell delightful. Oh and a button jar, whoever thought buttons would become so popular? 


Room sprays    

Are packaged in non- pressurised spray tins, so unscrew, rinse out and fill with water and mist your plants.

Konjac sponge  

Because they are made from the root of the konjac plant, just throw it on the compost heap at the end of its useful life and it will compost down.

Balm tins        

I use them to store seeds that I collect from the flowers in the seeded packaging. 

So here you have 7 other ways you can re-use our sustainable packaging. If you have re-used our packaging I would love to see photos or hear of the ways you have given our packaging another life.


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