Marvel at the butterflies and bees in your garden

25 April 2016 Written by Vicki Evans

Yes our amazing packaging has flower seeds embedded in it, so just plant your soap paper, gift box or bag add water and watch flowers grow from it then just wait for the butterflies and bees.

flower in packaging

Follow our simple 3 step approach to start your seeds off indoors

1. Soak the paper for 5 days.
2. On day 5 plant and cover with 3 to 5 cm of compost.
3. Keep in a warm sunny spot and water regularly.

Here's some I started earlier!
seeded paper soaking

 I started some wrapping off a couple of weeks ago by soaking it in a vase. After 5 days I took it out and put the paper in a single layer in cardboard containers with compost. My tomatoes from the supermarket came in the cardboard boxes so of course I saved them cos they are ideal for this job. It means that I don't have to disturb the seeds when I come to plant them just drop the box in the garden or a plant pot and it just breaks down in the ground leaving me with a colourful flower display that brightens up the garden and attracts butterflies and bees.

When you've planted your containers just sit them on a sunny windowsill. These are mine with a cloche over just to keep the soil warm when the temperature drops at night. You don't need to do this I am just trying to speed up the process. As you can see from the photo even the cloche is recycled from my soap making 5 litre water bottles. The seeds in the middle box aren't mine. Les managed to pinch some of my precious space on the only sunny windowsill in the house to bring on his orange and lemon pips. 

seeds growing in boxIf you look hard you might just be able to see in the background a water pump which isn't purely for decoration because it is the current residence for a family of blue tits who are back for a second year and busy nest building.
Anyway, the first seeds are up now so I will leave them for another two weeks until more seeds start to sprout and then put them outside during the day just to harden them off. When the weather is warm enough probably end of May I will plant them outside.

Planting outdoors

You can plant the soaked paper straight outdoors in the ground in an open sunny spot if you prefer, but wait until mid- May when the soil has warmed up. Again remember to keep them well watered. You can use a cloche to protect the seeds from slugs and snails and marauding pigeons.

What do you get?
toadflaxThe flower seed mix is great for attracting butterflies and bees and you will find Morning Glory, Californian poppy, Marigold, Nodding Catchfly, Sweet William and many more.
Don't forget to send photos of your flowers and I will post them on the Facebook page.

Happy Planting.


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