3 ways to enjoy National Kissing Day

19 June 2016 Written by Vicki Evans

Feeling Hot Hot Hot! Avoid Dry Lips This Summer With These Top Tips

Did you know that the skin on our lips is much thinner than other parts of our body and that lips have no natural moisturisation?
Our lips can be sensitive to the effects of sun, wind and salty breezes, so be sure to protect them from the elements with these handy tips and our recipe for a home-made strawberry lip balm!

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Tip #1 Choose An All Purpose Beauty Balm with Nourishing Plant Oils
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Choosing a lip balm with nourishing plant oils will protect and soften your lips – and opting for a natural colour means you can also use a nurturing beauty balm like ours on other problem areas – ranging from dry elbows or cracked heels, to your baby's cheeks.
The Beeswax in our SLS and paraben free all-purpose balm is perfect for your lips. It creates a natural barrier to protect your lips and stop them from cracking and drying out. The hemp, almond and rice bran oils are soothing, have anti-inflammatory properties and are easily absorbed giving your lips a real boost. The star of the balm is Monoi de Tahiti oil, a floral oil of gardenia flowers infused in coconut oil so it adds a gorgeous natural fragrance.

 Tip #2 Choose Tinted Lip Balm To Replace Colour Lost Through Ageing

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Did you know that the colour in our lips fades as we get older? Give your lips a boost with our tinted balm, which also doubles up as a handy blusher –an essential for your beach bag or handbag this summer!




Tip #3 Make Your Own Fruity Lip Scrub
lip scrubFor perfect kissable lips try this fruity summer scrub and keep it in the fridge:
Natural Strawberry Lip Scrub Ingredients:
• One Strawberry
• Half to one teaspoon of soft brown sugar (depending on how juicy your strawberry is)
• Half teaspoon of honey
1. Mash all the ingredients together, adding enough sugar to absorb the strawberry juice.
2. Rub over your lips to gently brush away dead skin cells and leave for a minute so the plant acids can further go to work.
3. Now your balm will be absorbed easily leaving your lips feeling smooth and plump. I guarantee you won't be able to resist licking your lips. But beware ... protect your lip scrub!

This was enough to make four lip scrubs so I kept it in the fridge. Luckily I managed to wrestle it from Les just in time as he was looking for something to put with his yoghurt, he doesn't understand about lip scrubs yet!
Want a lip balm or beauty balm that you can keep with you at all times? Try our natural or tinted beauty balms here, priced at £4.99.


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