Why I washed my hands of dragon's den

14 February 2016
Written by Vicki Evans

I was in a world of my own last week updating my website with romantic offerings for Valentine’s Day when the shrill tone of the phone cut through my thoughts. “Hello. This is the BBC research team for Dragon’s Den, am I speaking to the owner?”

dragons den

Multi-tasking meets Mindfulness

14 January 2016
Written by Vicki Evans

Multi-tasking seems to be the order of the day.

If you turn your back for a second in this social media driven world you find full inboxes, lists of dms on Twitter, Facebook notifications longer than your arm. Gone are the days when we waited for the morning post to know what we were dealing with and we actually got to the bottom of the in-tray.tearing hair out

Happy New Year

31 December 2015
Written by Vicki Evans


The start of a New Year is typically a time to reflect, take stock and consider the year ahead.

So as 2016 dawns what are your hopes and aspirations for the year ahead?

Have you got the balance right in your life?

05 January 2016
Written by Vicki Evans

Now don't get me wrong I love holidays, and taking a break over Christmas and New Year has been wonderful.relax

The joyful gift buying guide

28 October 2015
Written by Vicki Evans

Does buying gifts for others sometimes feel daunting or tedious?

Do you feel that there is just so much choice that you end up spending hours looking for the ideal gift, but end up buying something uninspiring just for the sake of buying a present?

We want to bring the joy back into gift buying – ‘tis the season to be jolly after all!

holiday stress


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