Keep your skin glowing this Autumn

28 October 2015
Written by Vicki Evans

Now that the clocks have gone back, we are all feeling that Autumn has truly set in with the evenings drawing in. Because of the change in temperature, and with the use of central heating to keep us warm, you will probably see a change in your skin too.

For this blog we have invited Geeta Sood from So Pure Skincare to be our guest blogger, to provide you with some top tips to keeping your skin looking fresh and hydrated during the Autumn and Winter.


Half term is here and Christmas is knocking at the door. How does that make you feel?

23 October 2015
Written by Vicki Evans

Excited or mildly panicky?  

This theme has been a hot topic of conversation at networking events I have been to this week. One woman used the analogy of the swan, “it’s only the mad paddling underneath that makes me look so serene on the surface”. I know that feeling, the whirlwind of undone jobs vying for attention in your head, muddying your thinking and leaving you feeling out of control.


A Marigold by any other name

16 October 2015
Written by Vicki Evans

Pot Marigold, Flower of the Sun, Mary’s Gold all endearing names for this bright orange healing herb, Calendula officinalis. But not African marigold (Tagetes) another plant entirely.marigold flowers

Why Green Tea is used in skin-ageing products

22 October 2015
Written by Vicki Evans

I had a wonderful holiday a few years ago in India, we travelled around Kerala that has a climate perfect for growing tea bushes and from the plantation we were staying on could see a tapestry of tea bushes stretching as far as the eye could see. They were growing along the hillsides of the Western Ghats and it was fascinating to see the journey tea makes from the plant, through the factory and into our tea cups.


Our soap isn't natural!

26 September 2015
Written by Vicki Evans

What do you think "natural" means?  I guess if you ask ten people you will get ten different views. As there is no legal definition of what natural" means then anything goes.

SoapMarigold-2797 lnd thumb


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