The naked soap maker

19 September 2015
Written by Vicki Evans

You've heard of the naked civil servant, the naked chef now comes the naked soap maker.

Last week I couldn't get back to sleep after Les had left for work at 5.30. After tossing and turning I decided to go and make a cup of tea and take it back to bed and read.

night window lnd thumb

Even on holiday I can't resist

22 August 2015
Written by Vicki Evans

I have just got back from a weeks holiday in Marseille. No, I didn't choose this bustling port in the South of France because it is the home of Savon de Marseille, but how could I resist finding out more.

marseille soap

What's your favourite spa experience?

28 July 2015
Written by Vicki Evans

 Here's my top 4

gellert spa

Hands up those who want a new idea for using coffee beans

07 August 2015
Written by Vicki Evans

I was sipping a mocha recently in my local café, the Artisan, after popping in to buy a couple of bags of used coffee grounds. This is not a strange purchase if you are a gardener. Pile them around rose bushes as a mulch and they feed and condition the soil and supposedly deter pests and snails, although I haven't seen much evidence of that. The money from the sale of these spent coffee grounds goes to a great cause, our local hospice Katharine House. Now that's great recycling.

august 048

Want to know how to get the perfect shave? Yes this is for you ladies ….

23 July 2015
Written by Vicki Evans

The menopause – how I was looking forward to it , out with a tedious monthly ritual and in came new rituals – flinging the bedroom windows open wide at night even in minus temperatures so that I could sleep (good job my partner likes the fresh air and the sound of tawny owls)night window


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