Keep on learning - Formula Botanica Review

10 July 2015
Written by Vicki Evans

Over recent years I have become increasingly interested in finding natural skincare products that live up to the claims made on the label.  But it's quite a challenge finding unbiased information or even understanding some of the technical information if your haven't got a background in chemistry. 

april 007

So off I went in hunt of a course that would leave me better informed and teach me how to make my own natural products so I could be sure of what went into them. After looking around I found just what I was looking for a course taught by cosmetic chemists, access to an amazing library of information and a course structure that would allow me to study at my own pace. The Certificate in organic anti-aging skincare.

I have been studying this course for the last 6 months, and what a wonderful learning journey. My family and friends have loved my journey too, as they act as testers for my creams, lotions, peels and masks. 

Formula Botanica School Review

I can now look at an ingredients label and understand it, and amazingly in some cases replicate it. But what is really exciting is formulating my own products with my new found knowledge of active ingredients - those amazing compounds in natural ingredients that really bring some benefit to our skin - whether you want to moisturise, hydrate, plump, soothe and even reduce fine lines and wrinkles, but the most amazing thing for me has been the skin brightening effect that using peels can bring.

I just love being part of a thriving learning community with people from all over the world, all generous in sharing their knowledge and expertise and an opportunity to find out about different ingredients from all over the globe.

I'm now working on a very special handcare range that I will bring out next year, so watch this space. But you can be sure that the products will deliver the message on the label - because I have put into practice all that I have been taught by amazing tutors, my own research and passion for the botanical ingredients. 

So if you are interested in keeping your brain active and your skin looking fabulous why not do what I did and take a look at the information and courses at Formula Botanica and let me know if you get the formulators bug too.       



A moment of calm

16 June 2015
Written by Vicki Evans

I have recently had a week away on a mindfulness retreat. And what a week, I was able to experience that blissful feeling of living in the moment, not worrying about the past or concerned about what I should be doing when I got home. I was just in the moment.

france 051

Walking back to happiness

08 May 2015
Written by Vicki Evans

A couple of weeks ago we had a long weekend in Dungeness, a place we have wanted to visit for a long time after reading about Derek Jarmans shingle garden in this unforgiving landscape.

april2 006

Have you got any wild baby's breath in the garden?

11 May 2015
Written by Vicki Evans

Wild baby's breath is also known as woodruff or sweet woodruff and is known for its calming effect. Pick it when in flower close to the ground and dry quickly then put in bags mixed with lavender or sweet clover for little scent bags you can put in your bed or wardrobe. may 008

Do you scrub up well?

01 May 2015
Written by Vicki Evans

It's time to give tired dull looking skin a run for its money this Bank Holiday and bring on a fresh healthy rejuvenated glow. Read on for the recipie.body scrub


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