Forming new habits - try resilience

19 March 2015
Written by Vicki Evans

I have just received Gretchen Rubin’s new book -“Better than before: Mastering the habits of our everyday lives”. I bought this because I am bemused as to how Les can form a new habit almost overnight, where as I battle with them. I have tried ...


House of Champions

16 March 2015
Written by Vicki Evans

A typical Sunday evening sitting in front of the log fire watching County file. Tonight Les’s chosen tipple is Martin’s sparkling Sow Valley Cider. Now this is relevant information because ...sow valley cider

Why you won’t find soap in my wash bag...

25 February 2015
Written by Vicki Evans

I have left Les holding the fort this week as I head for Islay. I like coming to stay in February for lots of reasons;


A "Yes" vote for Walk Mill Botanic's room sprays

01 March 2015
Written by Vicki Evans

I arrived home from Islay to be greeted by the usual pile of post. Three quarters of it went straight into the recycling bin, but nestling in the pile were 3 letters that caught my attention.

house of commons envelope

Presents or presence - which would you choose?

09 February 2015
Written by Vicki Evans

feb islay 004

I spent this Saturday enjoying my Christmas present, although a little belated. This year Les and I decided to plan a day for each other rather than buying each other gifts.


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