If you were a firework, what firework would you be?

05 November 2014
Written by Vicki Evans

There are a huge collection you can choose from.  Vivid colours to light up the sky that whizz, pop and bang, and create a chorus of oohs and aaahs from the well wrapped up crowd of onlookers.

Halloween a time to treat your skin

30 October 2014
Written by Vicki Evans

Halloween or All Hallows Eve is traditionally a night in the religious calendar for remembering the dead and when children go trick or treating. So treat your skin with one of our Konjac facial sponges – your skin doesn't need to look or feel dull or lifeless anymore.


Do you want to know how to increase your level of happiness - Now?

12 October 2014
Written by Vicki Evans

rainDo you have a tendency to think “when”? I will be happier when … I am thinner, I have more money, I am not so busy, I have a different job. Then you are delaying any sense of happiness you can be experiencing right now…

Every cloud has a silver lining

23 October 2014
Written by Vicki Evans

                           We are just spending a week on Islay at our holiday home taking the opportunity to chill out after a busy month. Well the best laid plans …cloud

Feel the difference, the soap that is kind to your skin

06 October 2014
Written by Vicki Evans

shutterstock 220149175

“I have Eczema, can I use your soap?” is a question I was asked this week, and then on the same day I was asked the same question again, two days later my daughter who has had eczema since she was little told me she had been using orange & cinnamon scrub soap and the eczema patches on her arms and shoulders had cleared up, bless her she is my number one tester of soaps and bath products. Of course I make no claims for our natural soaps but what I can do is share some feedback with you and my personal experience and understanding.

Lock in moisture

Copy 2 of WMBotanics RosePetals13-5718

 If you have eczema or dry skin the key is to lock moisture in. So how do my handmade soaps do that? We make them using a method called cold process, the by-product is glycerine which makes for a moisturising bar of soap. We also superfat our soaps which mean that some of the properties of the plant oils remain in the soap after the soap making process. Although soap is considered a wash on wash off product some of the oils remain creating a thin layer on the skin which stops moisture from escaping. As a bonus why not try our luxurious rose geranium bath melts so as you step out of the bath the luxurious cocoa butter stays to moisturise your skin just pat yourself dry and no need to add moisturiser.

SLS free


Some chemicals which are added to soaps can cause skin irritation and lead to the skin drying out. SLS (sodium laurel sulphate) is probably the most common. It is added as a foaming agent, especially to liquid soaps. “The market sales show that people like a lot of foam but it doesn’t mean it cleans any better” – (Cosmetic Chemist Perry Romanowski). Here at Walk Mill Botanics we do not need to add SLS to our soap because I have chosen a mix of 5 plant oils which work together to create a moisturising, bubbly firm bar of soap. There is a down side to having all these moisturising oils in the soap, the bar goes soft if it doesn’t dry out between uses, so just pop it on a soap dish in between uses.

 So what was my answer to the question – “I have Eczema can I use your soap”?

“Try for yourself. I know a number of people who have eczema that do use my soap, so all I can suggest is that you try a patch test.” I have sent him a sample of bare soap to test , this contains only plant oils and no essential oils or colours and a sample to marigold petal soap infused with marigold petals, because Marigold or Calendula Officinalis has long been associated with its healing skin properties.

If you have dry skin or eczema or don’t use soap because you think it will dry out your skin, then email me to try a sample and let me have your thoughts.

 What do my customers say?

“Thank you for the blackcurrant soap I bought at the WiRE conference last week. The difference in my son’s hands is amazing. Before he starting using it, just 4 days ago his hands were sore and bleeding but now it has practically gone and his hands look soft and normal, just as they should be. Purely because he is now washing with your soap. He is very pleased xx”

Barbara Steadman – May 5 – Facebook

“Absolutely delicious soap! Love it so much and it’s amazing on my little boys skin too! Thank you so much, just let me know how to buy more :-) xxx”

Katie Pemberton - Facebook July 2014 (Katie tried the Marigold petal soap)



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