Great Father’s Day Gifts For Dads Of All Ages

08 June 2016
Written by Vicki Evans

Here is our Walk Mill Botanics guide to gifts that will help your father, partner or husband relax, look fresh and smell great this Father's Day....

Our Natural, Zingy Soaps Make Perfect Men's Skincare And Shaving Gifts!

Whether you want to splash out on a shaving gift set or a small token gift from your child to her dad, we have a gift to suit every budget and mood this June.fathers day gift box open

Marvel at the butterflies and bees in your garden

25 April 2016
Written by Vicki Evans

Yes our amazing packaging has flower seeds embedded in it, so just plant your soap paper, gift box or bag add water and watch flowers grow from it then just wait for the butterflies and bees.

flower in packaging

Do your son's and partners use your beauty products?

16 March 2016
Written by Vicki Evans

A new term has been coined by Mark Simpson for a new generation of men "spornosexual". These guys replace their fore-runners the "metrosexual". This new generation male borrows from both the worlds of sport and porn.beards

Let our packaging surprise and delight you

17 April 2016
Written by Vicki Evans

I love beautiful packaging, I'm drawn to it like a magpie to shiny objects; but I get a twinge of guilt when I come to throw it away. So when it came to choosing what to put our products in I looked for something that had another use so it wouldn't be assigned to the recycling bin.

relax gift box

You'd bee surprised

03 March 2016
Written by Vicki Evans

I went to a fascinating talk recently by a Phd student who is studying the decline in the bee population. Informative, yes, entertaining, yes, and also challenging some of what I thought I knew.



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