How do you eat your Easter egg? Mindfully I hope.

How do you eat your Easter egg? Mindfully I hope.

So many of life’s experiences just pass you by because your attention is focussed elsewhere. But there is a way that you can increase the quality of your life simply and quickly.

By doing things mindfully.

Mindfulness is the ability to focus your attention completely and totally on what is happening in the present moment.

So here is an appropriate way to be mindful this Easter.  Try it out now with your Easter egg!

If your mind begins to wander during this chocolatey experience just bring it back to the present moment and focus again on what you are doing.

Mindful Easter egg eating

  • Open your Easter egg, and as you do pay attention to the noise and colours of the wrapping
  • Be aware of the smell of the chocolate that is released as you unwrap your egg.
  • Break off a piece of chocolate and put it in your mouth, allow it to melt on your tongue. What flavours and textures are you becoming aware of?
  • As you swallow the melted chocolate be aware of its texture and lingering taste in your mouth.
  • Savour this moment.


Did this way of eating your Easter egg enhance your experience? Did you notice anything different?

Happy Easter from all at Walk Mill Botanics


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