I love this extract about gardening by M.Patricia Collard

I love this extract about gardening by M.Patricia Collard

Tales of old time gardening

by M.Patricia Collard

On the first day Miss Milne took us into one of the greenhouses and gave us a lecture on what was expected of us. I have never forgotten the bit about our hands. “Just because you are gardening, there is no excuse for having stained, rough hands and dirty fingernails. There are some jobs you cannot do with gloves on, but for most thigs you can protect your hands. Get a pair of stout hedging gloves for dealing with brambles and things like that and go to Austin Reid’s in Glasgow and buy a pair of their ordinary men’s pigskin gloves, they are well cut and very hard wearing. Do not get them too big, or you will not have a firm grip of small things and do not get them too tight, or you will not have sufficient ease of movement. If when you go home in the evening your hands ae nails are ingrained with mud, wash out some garments in hot soapy water and then use some hand cream. I shall watch the state of your hands with interest and judge your intelligence by their condition. There is no excuse whatsoever for grime ingrained, roughened hands”. It was good advice.

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