Also goes by the name of sweet woodruff bedstraw or wild baby’s breath and flowers from April until June. It has a lovely sweet smell and a flavour which is great to bring a touch of Summer to your recipes. Pick the herb when it flowers and dry quickly. I usually dry mine on top of the rayburn, unless it’s a good Summer and I’ve turned the rayburn off . Then I hang it up in bunches in the bathroom cupboard bringing a touch of the summer meadow to the bathroom.

What can you do with woodruff?

Savour the Smell: Dry and mix with lavender to make little scent bags. For a calming night’s sleep pop one underneath your pillow.

Enjoy the flavour: Flavoured water, put a bunch of wilted woodruff in a jug with a slice of lime, remove woodruff after about 45mins then drink the infused water throughout the day to keep hydrated in herby style.

Grow in the garden: in a shady or semi-shady location in moist soil, I’ve got mine growing underneath trees amongst lily of the valley and enchanter’s nightshade.


Coumarin forms in woodruff as it dries giving it that lovely sweet smell, and distinctive taste but if you dry it in a confined space it can be quite heady and cause headaches so make sure you dry in an airy space or hang up in little bunches to dry in the sun and then keep in a dark airtight jar.


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