Wellbeing Skin Care - Himalayan Bath Salts

In this constantly connected world it is increasingly difficult to find a moment to ourselves.

Our unique wellbeing skin care and home fragrance range will lend a hand; infused with natures perfume – essential oil blends that not only smell divine but have therapeutic effects too. Practice the relaxation and mindfulness exercises on the labels to bring a moment of calm into your busy day.

Moments of Calm features three varieties of soap, bath salts, essential oil room sprays and hand creams to help you to Relax, Unwind and feel Refreshed.

Wellbeing is at the heart of Walk Mill Botanics. Our wellbeing products are created for women who give too much of themselves to everyone else. Everyone deserves some ‘me’ time and to treat themselves to nice products to use in the bath, on their hands and in the home.

Home fragrances are made from essential oils that will create a wonderful ambience to the room and as a result will boost your mood depending on which one you choose. The Refreshing Room Spray is stimulating, the Relaxing Room Spray will relax you and the Unwind Room Spray will calm you down.

The wellbeing skin care range is made using natural ingredients and therefore are SLS and paraben free and vegan friendly (apart from the TLC salve which contains beeswax).

Himalayan bath salts are perfect for relaxing and unwinding in the bath, the hand creams nourish the skin and the hand soaps to cleanse and create a spa like environment in the home.

We hope you enjoy using our wellbeing skin care and home fragrances range in your self care routine.

Here’s what some of our customers think:

“I love this soap and always have a bar in the bathroom for handwashing. It lasts a really long time, smells lovely and doesn’t dry out my hands.” 5*, Liz Berwick, Relaxing Lavender and Chamomile Soap

“I absolutely love all of the gorgeous room sprays! I hate ‘normal’ air fresheners with their chemical smells, but these room sprays smell absolutely divine, with each one smelling exactly as it says! The refreshing one is for my my office, the unwind for the home, and the relaxing for the bedroom.” 5*, Alison Bradford,  Refreshing Essential Oils Room Spray

I bought this for my son as his hands get so sore and wondered whether this soap would help. It absolutely did. They started to improve straight away. Within a few days his dry red hands were normal. Smell is gorgeous too. 5*, Barbara Steadman, Rose Geranium Soap

“The real magic of discovery lies not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes”

-Marcel Proust